“I highly recommend Roxane Photography! It couldn’t be any better in any way. I had 2 pregnancy photoshoots. One is just of me and the other one is with my whole family. Roxane helped from the beginning to choose the style and locations. She even offered some clothes to me and my children so we look amazing. The outcome is great. She has this “fairy-tale” style when we all become princesses and princes. Great experience! Great outcome!”

Your family is a unit unlike any other. Nobody can replace the unique bond you share with each other, a feeling of warmth, safety, completion & unconditional Love.

As your children grow, your family changes. In the blink of an eye, tiny babies become teens, and so many of those precious family moments are left forgotten. As a mother, I know how hectic life can be. Often, the parents are left behind the lens, capturing pictures here and there wherever they can.

Family photoshoot photography sessions are designed to press a pose on everyday stress and strains. They invite you to come to celebrate the beauty of your family, capturing the timeless connection you all share with breathtaking images that you’ll treasure forever. 

Take a moment and enjoy uninterrupted time with just you and your family, expertly captured to create beautiful, bespoke memories that will stay with you, close to your heart.

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