What is in my bag...

I’ve had several people ask what equipment is in my bag.


Here is the low-down.

Inside my BILLINGHAM bag, you’ll find:

- Canon 5D Mark II – my primary camera body.


The glass (lenses):

- Canon 24-70L - for different situations such as moving a lot and  when I don’t have room to back up.

- Canon 85 1.8 – I love this outdoors when I can’t back up.

- Canon 50mm 1.2L – which I love for my newborn sessions.

- Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro - for my super close newborn shots, think fingertips, lips, and eyelashes.

- Canon 45 TS-E - Tilt Shift lense - a piece of creativity in any picture...


The flash:- Canon  600EX-RT Speedlite - rarely used because I much prefer natural light.

There you have it! Any questions, let me know. :)